Traffic Misdemeanors

Did you know that if you get arrested in Orange County, Florida on a misdemeanor or traffic charge and you fail to appear in court you will get a warrant issued for your arrest?

This however is only if you get arrested back in Orange County. This does not apply should you get arrested in Seminole, Lake, Osceola or Brevard Counties either. That’s right! Come here and commit a misdemeanor or get a traffic charge, then flee the county and Orange County will not go and get you. Forget about justice. Now if you get arrested on a felony charge and flee Orange County then they might transport you back to pay for your crimes.

Why is this you ask????? With our sad state of economic funding and budget cuts there is often a lack of funding available to pay for extraditing criminals back into Orange County, Florida….even if the person deserves to pay for their crime.

As a Bail Bondsmen it is our responsibility to pay any and all transportation costs to Orange County when bringing back a fugitive. Isn’t the goal to serve justice? We may be naïve but if it costs you nothing to transport a criminal back then why wouldn’t you do it???
The powers that be in the county may respond by saying the money the bail bondsmen pays doesn’t actually get to the actual account for the actual transportation so the county actually loses money. Unfortunately this another political situation that has evolved throughout the years with no resolution in site.

We are curious to hear your thoughts on this subject….do you think there is a loop hole in our system?