Happy Holidays!

This holiday season we send greetings of goodwill and joy to you and yours! Just remember that the holidays are more than just Santa and presents. There is also food, lights, singing, laughter, hot chocolate, mistletoe, family, friends, and crazy sweaters. Seriously though, enjoy your holidays and remember to have some laughs along the trail while you ride in the one horse open sleigh, or sedan as the case may be:)

Hope you enjoy all the holiday hi jinks in the video here, always a classic idea to pull pranks in good spirit during the holiday season. Just remember that Santa is making his list still and checking it twice, and so are the police. If your own holiday hi jinks have you stuck counting lumps of coal in a cell. Call 33rd Street Bail Bonds and let our agents bring a magic sleigh to your rescue, and get you home for the holidays. Don’t forget the egg nog, and god bless us, every one.

Also, we just got a special delivery of another kind the other day, one we were happily surprised arrived so soon. We were out of business cards for 33rd Street Bail Bonds and decided to go with a new service we had been hearing good things about from some of our friends and clients. If you are in need of cards yourself, or any other printing needs for that matter, check out printingpeach.com. We got cards that are magnets too! A great way to remind our clients that they can count on us to be there for them, throughout the year, not just on holidays. The new year will bring all kinds of challenges, make sure you have the help you need, from a name you can trust.