Starting the New Year with your Freedom

We hope you all had a great new years celebration this year. Some of you had need of our bail bonds services over the holidays and we are glad we could help out with your needs. Thanks again for choosing 33rd Street Bail Bonds. Your choice to call us supports a small local business that has been around servicing this area for over 30 years.

Closing out this year we had much to be thankful for, and have much to look forward to. Many battles were won for freedom in 2014. We witnessed some infamous deeds that brought us together like never before to demand justice, and freedom for all. We are proud to be part of a nation that uses its voice to represent directly at its governing body that things must change. Things will change in 2015, many things. One thing that will never change is our desire and fight for freedom and equality throughout this country, and here in central Florida.

On a more personal note this year is ending, and beginning, another chapter in the real estate market around the nation. The market that controls so much of our nations wealth, and opportunity to create it. I am still trying to help with family owned housing as many of you are I’m sure. I did happen to find which had a great set of tutorial videos for learning how to list and market your real estate. It did help me understand a few things better, and is worth checking out if you are starting this year trying to work with a home. Always trying to drop a little help if I can here. Hope your housing projects go great in 2015.

If you find yourself in the big house though, you know who you can call 24 hours a day. We have agents here who support freedom for any citizen in this great nation. Let us know if we can help bond you, or someone else’s freedom today.