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We understand how stressful and frightening it can be when you or a loved one is booked into jail. As the oldest bail bonding agency in Orlando, we know exactly how to guide you through the bonding process for a fast release. Bonding also saves you money. Instead of paying the entire bond yourself at the correctional facility, the fee for an indemnity bond in Orlando is only 10% of the bond, with a minimum of $100.

The standard indemnity bond in Orlando requires the individual seeking the bond to sign an indemnity agreement. This holds us harmless for losses and costs you’ll have to assume if the defendant doesn’t appear in court for every required date until the case is resolved. There is also a promissory note you’ll sign, promising to repay the total bond if the defendant fails to appear in court.

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The two contracts you will sign. Indemnity Agreement and Promissory Note.

Indemnity Agreement:
To hold harmless. You will assure the Bail Bond agency that you will hold us harmless against any loss/cost on this bond if the defendant fails to appear. Usually there is no cost to get the defendant back to court as long as the defendant is willing to get back to court immediately.
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Promissory Note:
You promise to pay back the total sum of the bond within a certain time frame if the defendant fails to appear (skips bond) and refuses to go back to court.
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Both of these contracts become null and void (canceled) once the case(s) are resolved (adjudicated) by the Judge.

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Other Forms

Disclosure Form:
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Defendant Application:
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