Last month, a federal appeals court threw out a 2006 Arizona law denying bail to immigrants in the country illegally. Miguel Angel Valenzuela and Juan Angel-Carmona Pineda were arrested on Nov. 13, the same day the Supreme Court let stand the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to halt enforcement of the law. Pineda was accused of transporting more than 100 pounds of marijuana. Valenzuela faces charges relating to the alleged possession of a pound of pot.

Ok, so the law said that the government could hold illegals in jail without bail, but it has been overturned now. The county attorney explained it like this:

“The nightmare scenario is that the drug cartel sends somebody into the U.S. to commit a hit on somebody and they murder somebody,” “And the cartel comes and bails them out because that’s nothing, that’s chump change for a drug cartel.”

Seems legit. So the problem lies though in treating everyone the same and not having a prison full of people who can’t get out when they only committed a small crime.

So what do we do? what do you think?

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