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So this guy was electrocuted by his wedding ring? I have now officially heard it all. They say they found this guy under the counter trying to hook up a new dishwasher and he had touched a copper wire somehow. This of course is tragic but there is definitely a lesson to be learned here. Safety is never a small concern when you are dealing with electricity. I sure won’t wear jewelry while doing this kind of work in the future. I plan to hang some Christmas lights this weekend and this is just the kind of reminder I could use. These lights are going up without a hitch and I’ll be being safe inside sipping hot chocolate and waiting for Santa Clause to come do his thing.
Don’t let this happen to you! Be safe this holiday season.
Speaking of weddings, and rings, if you are getting married check out they were at a wedding my sister was at and now she can’t stop talking about them. She is a big fan of the 50’s music they do and apparently their show is great. I would like to see them, it sounds like a great time, and really worth booking them.

Weddings and concerts, no matter where you go this season, be careful driving. I already have had one friend get pulled over this month. If you do happen to get arrested though, don’t forget that 33rd Street Bail Bonds can help 24 hours a day. They will work with you and explain everything you need to know, and fast.