What do you do or say when your child’s parent goes to jail?

Having a parent incarcerated can be very difficult. Should you tell your child the truth? The main 3 options you have is to tell your child the truth and be open with them and the outside world, tell your child the truth but keep it as a private family matter, or tell your child a story. Experts recommend telling your child the truth.

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips for helping your child cope:

•If a child does not know where his or her parent is then they can be stressed, confused, or anxious. The child can think that it is his or her fault that the parent is not there.
•Telling a story might seem like the best option but it could backfire. Your child could find out from a different source and then you lose the bond of trust.
•If you do choose to tell your child the truth, be prepared for questions such as why is mommy/daddy in jail? Explain as simply as possible that the parent broke the rules by doing something illegal and now has to face the consequences. Your answer should be based on the child’s age and comprehension.
•Your child will be impacted by the missing parent no matter what you choose to tell them. Be aware that the child might feel like he/she is to be blamed, might be angry, might withdraw, etc. Make sure to take your child’s mental health into consideration and reassure your child.
•There are resources available to help explain incarceration especially for very young children.
Sesame Street has episodes that can assist.

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