Osceola County Bail Bonds

When a loved one is jailed, it’s tough to know where to turn or how to proceed through this difficult time. 33rd Street Bail Bonds is here to help you secure a bail bond in Osceola County quickly and then guide you through the complex jail and court system. Do you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest? Talk to us about arranging a walk-through arrest, allowing you to turn yourself in and bail out immediately, avoiding an embarrassing arrest at work or at home.

The bonds set for release of a suspect prior to a court appearance can be astronomical, but here in Osceola County, bail bond can be arranged for a fee of 10% of the court-ordered amount, with a $100 minimum. We take all major credit cards, and will work out a payment plan if you can’t come up with the entire fee upfront. Call us 24 hours a day at 407-425-7200.

Whether you have been arrested for drugs, drug paraphernalia, assault, battery, domestic violence, child endangerment, theft, traffic violations, traffic misdemeanors and other charges we can help you. We are an experienced bail bond office who can bail clients from the Osceola County Jail. Call us today and lets get you bonded out of jail.