Seminole County Bail Bonds

In Seminole County, bail bonds are the fastest way to get yourself, a loved one, or a friend out of jail. At 33rd Street Bail Bonds, we have nearly 45 years of experience posting bonds and helping families navigate the jail and court experience. The standard fee for a bail bond in Seminole County is 10% of the court-ordered bond amount, with a minimum of $100. If you can’t afford the entire fee, we can work out financing. We even help protect your investment in the defendant by calling with a reminder a few days before each scheduled court appearance.

Whether you need signature or collateral bail bonds in Seminole County, we can help. We are licensed to post bonds in other Florida counties and can also post federal immigration bonds. We’ll work with our affiliate agents to help you post bond for someone across the USA. Call us, day or night, at 407-425-7200.