It’s back to school time!

Parents are sighing with relief that summer is over and their children are back in school. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants to remind you that this means you need to be extra careful when driving. Obey the laws, slow down in school zones, and don’t pass stopped buses.

Here are a few tips when taking to Central Florida roadways and going through school zones:

•Know where the school zones are located
•Slow down through the school zones
•Be aware that there will be more traffic than normal around a school zone since parents are dropping off and picking up their children
•Watch out for pedestrians in the crosswalks
•Watch out for buses
•Make sure you follow the directions of a crossing guard, police officer, or traffic officer

If you ignore school zones then you will face stiff penalties.

If you speed in a school zone, fines start at $50 and can go as high as $2,000 if you are 50 MPH or more over the limit. In addition to fines, you will receive points on your license. Texting while in a school zone? If you are caught, you could receive 2 points on your license for a first-time offense. Please be safe and watch out for the children.

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