It’s Just A Harmless Video Game, Or Is It????

If you have a child in elementary, middle or high school you have most likely heard about the online game Fortnite. It is a game of team work, skill, challenges and survival. It has grown in popularity and many hours are spent on a game console seeking shelter for survival in this online game.

You have given in again to another request for your child to play another video game.

Video games can be fun and provide enjoyment for many. However, like many online games and phone apps, this game has become yet another place for predators to lurk in the shadows. Sadly, predators are utilizing Fortnite to lure kids. According to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office as posted on http://www.NJ.Com, “Twenty-four men were arrested for allegedly chatting with and attempting to lure minors into sex during a week-long sting this month.” Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said members of the state’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force maintained profiles as 14- and 15-year-old boys or girls and were approached by the suspects.

Are You A Parent? Now Is A True Test Of Your Parenting Skills

33rd Street Bail Bonds urges parents to monitor their children who have online profiles. Interactions with predators can start in messaging apps, social media platforms and video games like Fortnite with chat features. has some great suggestions for safeguarding your child:

•If opening account, it is important that they do not create a username that could give away any personal details. There is also no age verification process. Therefore, be aware of the risks if your child has or wants to open an account.
•Fortnite offers three levels of privacy settings: Public, where anyone can enter your child’s online party; Friends, where only friends can join a party; and Private, which means that no one can enter your child’s party without being invited by the child themselves. Discuss the level appropriate to your child.
•Fortnite also allows for Voice-Chat to be disabled. Make yourself and your child familiar with the game’s settings and turn Voice-Chat off.
•Speak to your child about unwanted contact and tell them what to do if someone speaks to them in a nasty or inappropriate way, or asks them for personal information. Ask them to come to you if they are unsure about unwanted contact or have been exposed to something inappropriate.

Be The Parent!

We see many times defendants arrested for their lack of parenting skills that may have put their child in danger. Don’t be one of those parents. You have every right to view your child’s computer or cell phone. It is your responsibility to protect your child. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just another harmless video game.

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