Who Would Steal Christmas Decorations?

Have you had a chance to cruise through the neighborhood and see all of the Christmas lights and decorations that your neighbors have set up for the holiday?

Some thieves have decided that just admiring the lights isn’t good enough and have actually stolen Christmas decorations from their neighbors. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to be aware that this is occurring in many neighborhoods around Central Florida.

A news article is out just this week that states that a man in Apopka, Florida was arrested after trying to steal his neighbor’s new Telebrand Star Shower Laser Lights. These lights light up the whole house without actually putting up any lights. They are a hot item right now and being targeted by thieves. A woman and an accomplice in Sweetwater, Florida were arrested and charged with grand theft after snatching inflatable Christmas decorations from a neighbor. Surveillance cameras captured the theft.

Christmas packages are also being stolen. The Orlando Police Department and surrounding counties are warning people to keep track of packages and to take them inside as soon as they arrive. Thieves are either targeting homes by following delivery trucks or decide spur of the moment to steal a package that they see sitting on a doorstep.

Tips for preventing package thefts include:
•Requiring a signature for all deliveries
•Having the package delivered to your place of work
•Request for the packages to be left in a spot that isn’t visible from the street such as a porch
•Track your packages and know when they are being delivered

33rd Street Bail Bonds urges you to be vigilant in keeping your packages safe. Police suggest initialing your inflatables so if they are stolen then they can be identified. Finally, watch out for your neighbors and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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