Tips To Keep Burglars Away From Your Trash This Christmas

The holidays are here and soon everyone will be unwrapping their goodies. If you received a big ticket item such as a new TV, phone, I-pod, or even one of the hottest toys this season then beware when disposing the boxes and wrapping. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants to help keep your home and belongings safe from thieves.

Here are tips on disposing your gift boxes and wrapping:

•Wait until the morning of your garbage pick-up to place boxes and wrappings at the curb
•Break down boxes and put them in black bags to hide them from prying eyes
•Don’t post pictures of your new goodies on social media as some thieves troll social media to plan their next target
•Bring your boxes to a designated public dumpster

Orlando and Kissimmee are offering the “operation burglar box” program again this year. This program provides public dumpsters at various locations throughout the city in order to dispose of your big ticket item boxes.

For a list of locations and more information about the program, please visit online at:

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