Common Sense Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion

As we approach fall and the holiday season, the statistics show that home invasions and break-ins become more prevalent. There are many smart things that you can do or know to help prevent a worst case scenario or even deter anyone from considering your home.

There’s a website ( that provides tips, tactics, and strategies for home security and enjoyment. Here is some of the advice from the experts on this site.

1. Lock all doors, windows, and garages at all times– even when you are home. Even if you’re cracking the garage door open for a pet, make sure it’s not gaping open enough for a person. Even so, lock the inside garage door.

2. Harden and secure your home with strong doors and locks. Dead bolts could save your life.

3. Never open your door to strangers or solicitors. Most home invaders knock on the front door to gain entry. Use your outside light at night to see who is at your door. Don’t rely on door chains to keep intruders out; they won’t.

4. If you have an alarm system in your home, activate the perimeter doors and windows while you are in the home. If someone attempts to gain entry, the alarm will sound, giving you time to set your plan in motion.

5. Automatic phone dialers that can call 911, in speakerphone mode, can be effective in getting police assistance if intruders come in. Every home phone should be pre-programmed with this feature and all family members should be trained on how to use it. When intruders come in you will not have much time to contact police.

6. Have an escape plan in mind for your family. Train family members on where to go and what to say. This plan should include your children. If someone can escape, the invaders will have lost their advantage of privacy and time.

7. Never stop thinking if you are held captive. Stay calm and take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves.

8. Report all suspicious activity to police. If you see something out of the ordinary, call. You are not bothering them.

9. Often, police are asked if people should resist invaders. There is no set answer for this, seeing as it depends on the physical and mental capabilities of each person.

10. Don’t fight over property with an intruder. Let them have the property; it is not worth your life and can be replaced. Never follow the intruder from the scene, call 911 immediately and get the best description you can get.

A lot of these things on the list are just basic common sense, but it’s good to review each one and think about it. Hopefully, this situation will never happen to you but it’s not worth taking chances or just being nonchalant about it.
If you do have specific questions, it may be a good idea to contact the police station to inquire.

Stay safe and use your common sense.