Don’t Be A Grinch!


Who Would Steal Christmas Decorations? Have you had a chance to cruise through the neighborhood and see all of the Christmas lights and decorations that your neighbors have set up for the holiday? Some thieves have decided that just admiring the lights isn’t good enough and have actually stolen Christmas decorations from their neighbors. 33rd […]

Burglars Are Waiting For Your Trash To Hit The Curb! Beware!


Tips To Keep Burglars Away From Your Trash This Christmas The holidays are here and soon everyone will be unwrapping their goodies. If you received a big ticket item such as a new TV, phone, I-pod, or even one of the hottest toys this season then beware when disposing the boxes and wrapping. 33rd Street […]

Common Sense Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion


Common Sense Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion As we approach fall and the holiday season, the statistics show that home invasions and break-ins become more prevalent. There are many smart things that you can do or know to help prevent a worst case scenario or even deter anyone from considering your home. There’s a […]