Working all day and your kids are home alone?

You may think they are safe, but are they really?

If they are home and doors are locked, driveway gate is shut they may be safe from intruders but what about those lurking online? Most parents are naive and trust their kid(s). You may have good a good kid but what about the influence of their friends or their friends of friends? What about those “friends” they make online? Who are those people anyways?

There are plenty of new apps out there for social networking, but are they really appropriate for all ages?

The list of apps seems almost endless, some of them include WhatsApp, Tik Tok, Houseparty (live group video chat), (live video streaming), Whisper, Monkey and many more. Click here for a list of apps kids are heading towards.

Many social sites have a section called “tips for parents” where parents can learn more about the app, the appropriate age for use and more. There are also several apps that allow parents to monitor their child’s device for a small monthly subscription fee. Apps like Bark, Pumpic, NetNanny and others. These apps alert parents to cyber bullying, sexting and contact with online predators.

Built in Parent Controls on Devices

Most portable devices have parental controls that can be activated including limiting which sites a child can go to and security settings including the location feature that allows people to see where your child is located. As a bail bonds agency in Orlando, Florida we strongly encourage all parents to look further into setting up parental controls on their child’s device. Get involved, know what your child is doing on their device, it may one day save their life.

Most cell phone providers also offer additional information on how to set up parental controls. If you can’t find the information online, visit your cell phone provider for help. With summer time in full swing and many kids sitting in doors thanks to the hot Florida sunshine and high heat indexes, we have what could be the making of a “perfect storm” for many kids…home alone all day and plenty of free time online.

For more information there is a great article on, we strongly encourage parents to check out this article, click here to read it.

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