Return Fraud


Holiday Returns The holidays are over and now it is the season of many happy “returns”. Most people legitimately return items that don’t fit, they don’t like, or have duplicates of. However, criminals use the holiday season time to take advantage of lax store return policies and defraud the store. This is called return fraud. […]

Wedding Gift Thieves


Pop the cork and celebrate! The holidays often bring wedding proposals. A whirlwind of planning will result in the perfect wedding. Or will it? Did you know that wedding gifts and cards have been stolen from receptions? 33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips for securing your wedding gifts: •Have a gift attendant. The attendant’s […]

Happy Holidays, Be Safe!


Tis The Season To Be Safe! 33rd Street Bail Bonds wishes you a very Happy Holiday! Unfortunately, thieves don’t care about your happiness, only their own. Burglars like to break into homes, especially during the Christmas season, and help themselves to all sorts of goodies. Our Orlando bail bondsmen offer up these tips to keeping […]

Ward Off Holiday Thieves


Simple Steps To Ward Off Holiday Thieves! Shrieks of happiness will soon be heard! Christmas is fast approaching. Soon, family members and loved ones will be opening all of their presents. Big ticket items such as new TV’s, virtual reality glasses, computers, laptops, and new gaming systems might be a few of the presents waiting […]

Porch Pirates


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are history, now watch out for Porch Pirates! Now, all of those packages that have been ordered for the holidays are starting to arrive on doorsteps. Unfortunately, thieves are well aware of this and are taking advantage of your absence in order to steal your packages. These thieves, better known […]

Bail Bonds for a drone? Not on 33rd street


So reading the news today, I saw that apparently another drone has not done what it was expected to do, and crashed in a parking lot just over the Mexican border. This drone was carrying a particular payload as well, six pounds of meth. This really got me thinking about crime and punishment of course, […]

Bail Bonds that start new years right


Starting the New Year with your Freedom We hope you all had a great new years celebration this year. Some of you had need of our bail bonds services over the holidays and we are glad we could help out with your needs. Thanks again for choosing 33rd Street Bail Bonds. Your choice to call […]

A holiday mess – Bail Bonds clean up


So, we hope everyone had a great Christmas this year! If you got in a mess this year, call 33rd Street Bail Bonds to get you out! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was with my family this Christmas morning as we all slowly made it down to see what had […]