Trick or Treating

is a long-time fun event for children and families. Getting costumes ready, decorating your home, purchasing candy are all things that get families excited about Halloween.

As you get your house ready, don’t forget to check for safety hazards around your home, and be sure that your outside lights are working properly.

When choosing costumes, it is best to stay away from masks. Some masks can make it very difficult to see and hear which can potentially put you in danger. Ensure that all costumes fit properly and are not too long. If your child can not walk easily in the costume they could trip and fall.

Unfortunately, if care isn’t taken this great time could turn into tragedy. Below are some safety tips to keep in mind so that Trick or Treating remains a fun event!

Before heading out to trick or treat with your children talk to them about the following safety items. These are not meant to scare you or your children. Ultimately, accompanying your child is the best safety measure.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

• Use the buddy system – If the children are under 12 years old it is recommended they be accompanied by an adult. If they will be going from house to house they should always travel in a group.
• Stay well lit – use reflective tap if costumes are dark in color. Always carry a flashlight.
• NEVER go inside a house or car to receive a treat. Only accept treats from a front porch area.
• Do not give out personal information like address or name.
• Only go to houses with outside lights on. This is a way for residents to show that they are participating in trick or treat and it always makes it easier to see the front door.
• Do not go to houses you are not familiar with.
• Stay on sidewalks and do not cross yards – it is hard at night to see if there are any dangers in a yard. Some people may also be sensitive about children crossing their yards.
• Do not cross a street from between parked cars. This makes it difficult for drivers to see you. Cross at a corner if possible.
• Beware of large pets that may be outside
• Do not use masks. Masks make it difficult to see.
• Make sure costumes do not have any hazards – too long so they can trip, or items that can get stuck on things causing them to fall.
• Check candy for expiration dates and throw out all homemade goods or unwrapped items.
• Consider the age of the child and their ability to enjoy the candy item without choking.
• If you see anything unusual or dangerous, contact your local authority

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