Technology For Solving Crime

While you may be aware of using DNA and fingerprinting to solve criminal investigations, you may not be aware of new and unusual technologies that are helping to solve crimes now. In the past, police and forensic scientists have relied on the old standbys such as fingerprints, car skid marks, and eyewitness testimony to help solve crimes. The advent of DNA testing has helped police solve even more crimes. However, there are now even newer and more unusual ways that crimes are now being solved.

Amazon Echo

In December of 2016, police obtained a search warrant for an Amazon Echo. Apparently, the home digital assistant might have recorded information about a crime that took place. Currently, Amazon has refused to disclose the voice history of the Echo. This brings ups a new and interesting question, can a person’s home assistant device be legally used as evidence in a crime?


A murder that took place in 2015 may have been solved in part due to a Fitbit. Richard Dabate was arrested and charged for the alleged murder of his wife. He was charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, providing a false statement, and murder. Mr. Dabate claimed that an intruder broke into his home, tied him up and tortured him and then shot and killed his wife. However, his wife’s Fitbit told a different story. The Fitbit showed activity an hour after Mr. Dabate claimed that his wife was killed. His wife’s Facebook page also had been posted on after her alleged murder. Currently, Mr. Dabate is in jail with a bond set at $1 million.


Data that is recorded from your car can also be used to help solve crimes. Cars can store information such as GPS, navigation data, and what phones have been connected to the cars. Products that are available only to law enforcement help police use the information from a car to solve homicides, robberies, and auto theft. As of 2015, more than 4,600 car models can track that data. This data can help law enforcement personnel.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance from private homes and businesses are also being used to track down criminals. Cases range from porch pirates being caught due to home video systems to such major investigations like the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the video surveillance was pulled from nearby businesses and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in order to determine the bombers.

Beware….technology can do more then be time savers and offer conveniences!

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