Sober Dorm Living Could Be Of Help!

Is this the second or third college that your child has attended due to alcohol or drug abuse? Did you know that there are colleges that offer “sober dorms” to help these students? 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to be aware that your student can get help from their addictions and still graduate from college.

Pressure in college, be it to fit in, get good grades, or even to pay for tuition can be too much for college students. Oftentimes, these students turn to alcohol or drugs to ease their depression or anxiety. Universities have begun to recognize this problem and are now offering “sober dorms” as part of the solution.

At Rutgers University, students have access to the “Recovery House” which is a dorm that offers “substance-free” housing and activities for those young adults that are recovering from alcohol and drug dependence. Many other universities have followed suit and are offering “sober dorms” to students.

The existence of “sober dorms” makes it easier for students to stay focused. The students live with other students who are all facing addiction recovery. The living situation allows for the students to avoid being tempted by others who want them to go drinking or use drugs. This support system helps the students to avoid temptation, live clean and remain in school.

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