Don’t Be Victim of Porch Pirates

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over for another year. Did you stay home and shop online? The convenience can come at a price if you’re not careful! All of those goodies you ordered will be arriving by mail to your front porch.

Porch pirates, thieves that steal packages off of porches, know this and are ready to swoop in and steal your presents while you are not around.

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips to help thwart porch pirates from stealing your presents:
•Track your packages. Know when they arriving and be on the lookout for your packages.
•Require a signature for your packages so that the items can’t just be left on your front porch.
•Make a delivery request such as please leave package behind table. Just be aware that these requests are just requests and may not be followed.
•Send the packages to your business or to a trusted friend or family member.
•Use in store pick-up, Amazon locker, ship to a FedEx office, or ship your items to a location that allows pick-up (for example: FedEx has a partnership with specific stores that allow you to ship your package there and then pick it up).
•Both FedEx and UPS allow you to schedule delivery days or time windows for most packages. Utilize this service to plan to be home to receive your items.
•Have your packages delivered inside your home or car with Amazon Key.
•Use technology to your advantage by utilizing outdoor security cameras or “smart” doorbells to monitor when a package is delivered.
•Use a porch pirate bag, package guard, or other type of delivery device to keep your packages secure.

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips to help keep your packages safe and your holiday merry.

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