Are you headed on the adventure of a lifetime this summer?

Exploring new places? Traveling to a different country? We hope you enjoy your travels while keeping in mind the dangers that can lurk beyond the doors of where you will be staying…

Check out our list of summer travel safety tips:

•Before you leave, make sure you have copies of all of your important documents such as passports, credit cards, license, etc. You can make one copy and leave with a friend or family member and email the other copy to yourself.
•Don’t bring expensive camera’s or wear expensive jewelry.
•Arrive at your destination during daylight hours.
•Spend a little extra money to make sure that you are staying in a safe hotel.
•Only carry what you need when you are out exploring. Leave the rest locked up in the hotel safe.
•Divide your money up and put it in different places so that if you are robbed, then you only lose a portion of it.
•Know where you are going and where your hotel is located (get a card with address and phone number on it).
•Only use marked cabs. Preferably, get your cab from a marked taxi service or hotel.
•Make sure someone knows your travel plans.
•Carry your wallet in your front pocket. If using a backpack, wear it in front of you or lock it and make sure it is slash-proof.
•Pay with a credit card.
•Get travel insurance.
•Don’t share too much with strangers.
•Be alert. Be aware of any potential scams that might be common in your destination.
•Beware of distractions. Don’t be distracted by your phone. Beware of distractions such as a fight breaking out, someone bumping into you, someone dropping something on you, etc. These are common tactics used to distract you while your valuables are getting stolen.
•Don’t travel alone.
•Don’t get drunk or use/buy/sell drugs.
•Don’t post your plans on social media, post your pictures when you return

Our entire staff at 33rd Street Bail Bonds hopes you enjoy your summer excursions while keeping alert and aware of your surroundings.

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