Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the Orlando massacre. In light of what happened, 33rd Street Bail Bonds offers ways to help yourself or a loved one who is grieving:

•Everyone grieves differently. Don’t force anyone to follow a “conventional path” of grief
•Allow the person to grieve and mourn
•Acknowledge the pain you or your loved one is feeling
•Listen to the person who has lost a loved one. Just listening is invaluable
•Express your feelings. Talk to others, cry, scream, write in a journal, write a poem or a song, let out your grief
•Join in rituals. Funerals, memorial services, and other events help honor the deceased and comfort others
•Find comfort in your faith. Praying, attending religious services, and meditating can all provide comfort
•Remember your loved one. Plant a tree, create a memorial, take part in a remembrance ceremony, participate in a charity or walk in their name
•Take care of yourself and your family. Make sure to eat, sleep, and get exercise
•Be prepared for things that will trigger your grief. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones can re-ignite your grief. Hearing a song or seeing something that was special to your loved one can also trigger grief
•Seek support from others via in person or on social media. Seek out people who understand your loss
•Seek professional help or a support group
•Postpone major life changes
•Support a loved one by offering help such as cooking meals, baby-sitting, running errands, picking up people from the airport
•Stay in touch with person who has lost a loved one. Oftentimes, there is a lot of outpouring of support right after a loved one dies but then the support dwindles or disappears. Realize that grieving takes time. Time will help but there will always be that loss. Just be there
If your loved one needs professional support, please seek out a grief counselor. Currently, people can find help coping with grief through these channels:
•The Heart of Florida United Way has a Central Florida crisis hotline available 24/7 by calling 211
•The Victim Service Center of Central Florida has a counseling hotline available at 407-497-6701
•The Zebra Coalition hotline has a counseling phone number at 407-822-5036. Press 1 to speak to someone
•The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida is open from 9am to 9pm at 946 North Mills Avenue in Orlando. Grief counseling is available in English and Spanish. The crisis hotline is 407-227-1446.
•Community groups have set up a GoFundMe account
•Equality Florida also has a GoFundMe account set-up to help

Blood donations are still being accepted. To find a blood donation center near you, please visit online at: https://www.oneblood.org/locations/ or http://www.redcross.org/give-blood.

33rd Street Bail Bonds extends our deepest condolences and sympathy to those whose loved ones were killed or injured in this tragedy. To learn more about 33rd Street Bail Bonds, please visit: www.injail.com.