Is It Legal To Leave Your Kids In The Car?

Summer is here! The kids are out of school and routines have changed. Parents may now have to take their children with them while running errands such as going shopping or paying a bill. So, is it legal to leave your kids in the car? 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants to inform parents of the law and give them tips on keeping their kids safe.

In Florida, the law states, “A parent, legal guardian, or other person responsible for a child younger than 6 years of age may not leave such a child unattended or unsupervised in a motor vehicle for a period in excess of 15 minutes or for any period of time if the motor of the vehicle is running or the health of the child is in danger. “

While you might legally be able to leave your child in the car while you are in a store, there are good reasons not to do that. Here are a few reasons to take your children with you:

•Florida is hot and the temperature in a car can raise very quickly. Don’t take a chance. Your child could end up with heat stroke. This happens very quickly.
•Your child could be abducted. Even if the car is locked, an abductor could break a window and kidnap your child.
•Your child could choke on food or a toy while you are gone.
•You child could get out of his/her seatbelt/car seat and escape the car.
•If you leave the engine on, your kids could get out of their seats and put the car in gear or shut the engine off.
•A car jacker could steal your car with the kids in it, especially if the engine is running.

Summer routines are different than the school year. Parents need to remember that their child/children are in the back seat of a car and not forget them. An easy way to do that is to place one shoe in the back seat so that you have to retrieve your shoe before exiting the car. It is also good to double check with your spouse to see if he/she has dropped your child off at the babysitter’s/daycare. Oftentimes, one parent thinks that the other parent is caring for the child while in fact, the child is still in a hot car.

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