So, we hope everyone had a great Christmas this year! If you got in a mess this year, call 33rd Street Bail Bonds to get you out! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I was with my family this Christmas morning as we all slowly made it down to see what had been left by the tree. It was a great Christmas, with quite a mess of paper, bags, and more all over the house when it was all over. The pets of course got involved, and the mess got bigger when the family dog knocked over dad’s coffee on the light blue carpet in the living room. Oh man, lucky dog he ran out before dad saw it! Pets are such a great gift, but my sister showed me that they can also be great gift openers too. Check out this video:

I laughed so hard watching all these dogs opening presents, some of them were really good at it, and obviously some were not, hahaha. Some pets are just meant to make a mess I think. It reminds me of when my uncles dog got loose in the house while my aunt had her bird out of the cage in their old house. The dog chased it around and made such a huge mess, it was really unbelievable. They had to call in a actual cleaning company, the guys at were called for the job because they are so good at using cleaning methods that are pet and people safe. They got out the gravy on the carpet which was pretty impressive because that carpet was really white. I don’t know if they still have that dog but I know the bird is gone (probly had a heart attack!)

Well, from our house to yours, hope your holidays are mess free. If they aren’t, you know you can call 33rd Street Bail Bonds to bring back the holiday cheer by getting you and your family out and back together this season.