Spooky times are almost here! Halloween is just a couple weeks away. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to stay safe and out of jail this Halloween. Be aware that crimes can increase during Halloween. Crimes such as theft, burglary, vandalism, and criminal mischief may occur during this spooktacular day. Thieves know that you are out celebrating the holiday by attending a party, going to a bar, or trick or treating with your kids.

Make sure to keep your home safe by following these tips:

•Lock your doors and windows.
•If you have a security system in your home, then make sure to activate it.
•Don’t post your plans on social media. That is like putting out a big sign that says rob me!
•Keep your car in the garage, if possible, or park in well lit areas. If you have a car alarm, arm it.
•Remove and store large objects such as bicycles, lawn mowers, and grills. They could be stolen, vandalized, or used to smash into your home.

Kids and sometimes adults might think it is fun to throw eggs at your house or vandalize your home in another way. While this might be in “good fun”, it is a crime. Make sure to keep kids safe too!

Here are a few tips for keeping the kids safe from harm on Halloween:

•Always have the kids trick or treat in groups or go out with a trusted adult
•Never enter a stranger’s home
•Have the kids wear costumes that fit and be careful of any props they may have that are cumbersome to handle (swords, lightsabers, canes, etc)
•Use a flashlight, glow stick, and/or reflective tape to make costumes and kids visible to others
•Stay on sidewalks and be careful when crossing the street

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips to have a safe Halloween

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