Could it be a mental health problem? Or is it a gun control problem? Or maybe it’s a little of both?

Our nation was stunned again this past weekend by two separate mass shootings. Our team here at 33rd Street Bail Bonds isn’t sure but what we do know is the penalties will cost someone dearly if they opt to go on a shooting rampage and live through it.

Laws vary from state to state. In Florida, one may be subjected to the death penalty or years in prison. The shooter in the Pulse Night Club attack didn’t live to make it to court but his wife did. In the case of the Parkland school shooting, Nikolas Cruz faces the death penalty if convicted (his trial is expected to start in January 2020). The alleged shooter in the El Paso massacre, Patrick Crusius, faces federal domestic terrorism charges and the death penalty.

Could these shootings have been prevented? We may never know. According to Katherine Schweit, a former FBI agent who was in charge of the active-shooting program, “mass shooters are frequently surrounded by people who saw danger signs in person or online.” “FBI behavioral research has found that 80 – 90 percent of mass shooters leaked warning signs.” Unfortunately, law enforcement may be the last to hear about these signs. See something, then say something is the first step to help isolate these warning signs and potentially preventing another mass shooting. For example, a grandmother in Texas, was able to get her grandson into treatment after he told her that he was planning to shoot up a hotel and then commit suicide by cop.

What should you do if you find yourself in the middle of a mass shooting? Here are a few tips:

•Get away as quickly as possible, RUN!
•If you are unable to get away, then HIDE!
•If these two options aren’t available, the FIGHT for your life!
•Be aware of your surroundings every time you go somewhere. Notice where the exits are located and make a plan.
•When possible, hep others.
•Contact the police only when you are safe.
•If you are hidden, then make it as difficult as possible for a shooter to get to you. For example, barricade the door.
•If you are hiding in a room with others, then cooperate together. Have a plan made in case the shooter gets into your hiding spot. For example, one person distracts the shooter by throwing something at him, another goes for the gun, another can try and strike the shooter. Fight for your life.

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