Identity theft is a something that you don’t want to have to deal with. Preparing your home before you leave for a trip and safeguarding your personal information is worth your investment. Don’t spend time worrying while you are on vacation, instead take precautions before you go.

Things to do before you leave:

•Make it appear like someone is still home, by stopping your mail and newspapers, set up timers on your lights to turn off and on at different times, hire someone to do your yardwork if you’re gone more than a week.
•Let your neighbors know you will be gone and if you expect anyone to be there. Otherwise they will know something is wrong and can report it to local law enforcement.
•Be careful what you post on social media so people are not aware that you are gone.
•Do not leave a spare key outside of your home. Burglars know where to look for spare keys. Leave one with a neighbor if necessary.

How to protect your online information while you are away:

•Avoid using public WiFi. Public WiFi is an easy source for hackers.
•Password-protect phones and add tracking tools
•Only bring a passport with you if you’re traveling abroad, and always avoid bringing your Social Security card or extra credit and debit cards – carry only what you need.
•Before you go record all the important information from your credit and debit cards, driver’s license, medical insurance etc. so you know who to call if a theft occurs.
•Monitor credit cards online while you are away

These simple steps will reduce your chance of becoming a victim of a crime. There is nothing like ruining your vacation bliss than coming home to deal with burglary or identity theft. Burglary (or breaking and entering) is a crime that involves entering someone’s property without permission/authorization with an intent to engage in unlawful activity. If caught you may be charged with felony in the first degree, second degree, or third degree. Charges can start at imprisonment and/or a fine depending on the severity. Those who commit burglary are really risking their freedom for the interest in stealing from others.

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