Halloween is almost here!

While this spooky time of year brings lots of fun, don’t let your evening be ruined by “tricks”.

33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to be aware about the common crimes that occur on Halloween. Here are a few examples:

•Unfortunately, there are those people who think it is fun to damage another person’s property during Halloween. Even “minor” tricks such as toilet papering or egging a house could result in charges of vandalism. If one of those eggs happens to hit a person then the “egg thrower” could be charged with assault.

•Parties are popular during Halloween. Bars and nightclubs often have Halloween costume contests to help attract customers. Have fun but be careful while drinking. You could end up with a DUI if you consume too much alcohol and choose to drive. Plus, there are many children and parents out in the streets trick or treating. Being an impaired driver could cause you to make a bad judgement call and result in injury or death to another person. Message here is arrive alive and don’t drink and drive!

•When you are at that bar enjoying your party, beware fights breaking out. Customers could become unruly and fists could start flying. Get involved and you could end up being charged with assault.

•Consume too much alcohol and you could end up being sexually assaulted. Make sure to only get your drinks from the bartender or waiter. Party with friends and look out for one another. Don’t leave with somebody you just met. If you try taking somebody away from the establishment beware you could be facing consequences should accusations be made. Best advice is to exchange phone numbers, sober up and go on an official date outside of Halloween night.

These are a few of the charges we typically see people face on Halloween or the days leading up to the annual event.

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