Florida still recognizes daylight savings time, this weekend we turn back our clocks which means shorter days and longer darkness. With the increased hours of darkness crime can flourish, offering up more opportunity for people to be taken away in handcuffs.

Increased Crime when Daylight Savings ends!

The Journal of Experimental Criminology tested the effect of amount of sleep on assault rates. Researchers used city-reported data from Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. They discovered that when people “fall back” and gain an hour of sleep, the average assault rate increased. It was 3 percent higher the Monday immediately following the end of daylight-saving time. Longer daylight hours in the summer generally deter crime as offenders are afraid of being seen, so the contrast is noticeable in the Fall.

Take Precautions to prevent residential Theft

To combat this extra opportunity for crime, we remind Orlando residents to take precautions to prevent residential theft. Keeping an outside light on at your home and lights on inside while you’re away are good deterrents. Do not become a victim of assault when going to your car in parking lots in the evening hours, or while exercising at night. Always stay aware of your surroundings. Do not walk alone at night. Perhaps you could walk at your local mall for a great indoor well-lit area. Our previous blog with tips on personal safety has helpful hints as well.

Seasonal crime increases in the Fall as we approach the holidays. Stay aware, be prepared and stay safe.

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