Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday in the U.S. Nearly 51 million travelers hit the road to head to relatives to enjoy this time together. The holiday that many families use to reflect on things they are thankful for, can be one of the biggest holidays for road rage!

Reduce Stress, Prevent Road Rage

With added cars on the road, the potential for road rage increases. We offer some tips for reducing driver stress and suggestions for preventing situations that could escalate.

• Allow enough time to get to your destination
• Switch off drivers if it is a long trip allowing each drive to rest
• If traffic is overwhelming, stop for a meal or break
• Make sure there is someone else awake with the driver
• Take a break every few hours
• Do not drive in the left lane except for passing
• Do not tail gate or cut off other drivers
• Use your turn signal
• Allow enough room for larger vehicles to maneuver or stop
• Do not make hand gestures or honk horn if you become frustrated with another driver.
• Do not engage the other driver
• Practice kindness and patience

Never Pull Over

If you have a situation with another driver, never pull over to confront them. These interactions most of the time do not end well. They could end with physical assault or gun violence. If you feel threatened because you are being followed or another driver shows continued aggression, call 911 with a description of the vehicle. Never drive to your home to allow a person to know where you live. Always stay in a busy area or find a police station to stop at.

Drivers involved in road rage can be charged with reckless driving, assault with out without a vehicle. Don’t let the anger of the moment be a regret of a lifetime. Stay calm, enjoy your relatives and be thankful.

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