What Is Elder Abuse?


Elder Abuse Can Put You In Jail! According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, “the number of verified cases of elder abuse and neglect has climbed 74% since 2011. In 2015, the statewide total was 2,525.” The majority of elder abuse takes place at home though there is also elder abuse at nursing […]

Tips To Select The Best Bail Bondsman


Do you know what to look for to hire the best bail bondsman in Orlando, Florida? When a loved one is in jail, you want to have he/she bonded out of jail quickly. However, before picking a bail bond agency to work with, you should make sure to ask questions and choose the best bail […]

Confidentiality Relationship with Bail Bondsman


Bail Bond Office and Confidentiality A bail bond service provides a confidential source of funds for your bail. The services of a bail bond agent can prevent you from having to approach friends, family, banks, and other financial sources to obtain the bail amount. Using a bail bondsman allows you to complete the paperwork in […]

Is There A Loop Hole in the Criminal Justice System?


Traffic Misdemeanors Did you know that if you get arrested in Orange County, Florida on a misdemeanor or traffic charge and you fail to appear in court you will get a warrant issued for your arrest? This however is only if you get arrested back in Orange County. This does not apply should you get […]