Summertime! Where are your kids?


Summertime is a great time of getting together with friends, going to the beach or hanging by the pool.

But while children are out of school there tends to be more free time available to them. With easy access to computers and cell phones, it is important to be informed about

internet safety

for your child.

As published in an Ebook by Kids Live Safe, an organization focused on protecting your children from sex offenders, statistics show that “93% of teens (12-17) go online,” and “73% of teens (12-17) have cell phones.” It is necessary to monitor your child’s internet activity and have guidelines for them when accessing new sites. Being informed about who your child interacts with via phone, games or internet is imperative in keeping them safe. Orlando and Central Florida, with it’s travel and tourism industry, ranks third in the nation for calls to the sex trafficking hotline. These dangers lurk close to home!

The first defense is keeping conversation going with your teen or preteen.

We know that doesn’t always happen, so we wanted to provide you with information about some of the greatest risks your child can face online: Cyberbullying, cyber predators, and posting private information. These are things that can have serious consequences.

Cyber predators work on children’s innocence.

It is important to warn your children about some of the tactics predators use. Don’t think that online games are safe, this is a frequent place for predators to lurk under the disguise of another child. Also, your teen might not be thinking about the future and how posts can catch up with them later in life. Posting personal information or things that should not be in public view can be seen years down the road as well as now providing information for predators to seek them out. Talk to your children and be sure they know they can confide in you if anyone is bullying them, makes them feel uncomfortable or threatens them in anyway. It is important to remember that there are people who aren’t active on social media by posting photos or general posts, but they are using these sites to gain information about other people.

Keep the fun in summertime! Have important conversations with your children, stay informed and ensure you have an open line of communication.

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