Putting your phone down could save your life!

Distracted driving can be fatal and is increasing each year as a primary reason for fatal vehicle crashes. Do you live or travel through Orange County, Florida? Keep your eye out for distracted drivers. According to research by Value Penguin’s research analyst Bailey Peterson, Orange County reported the most fatalities that resulted from distracting driver crashes of any county in Florida in 2017. Furthermore, Orange County also had the highest rate of distracted driving crashes relative to its number of registered vehicles. There has been a 33% increase in distracted driving crashes from 2013 to 2017 in Orange County. This percentage is unfortunately growing!

According to the Florida Department of Motor and Vehicles, texting while driving in Florida is illegal. It is however enforced as a secondary offense, which means that you cannot be pulled over solely for texting while driving. If you are pulled over for another offense such as speeding, an expired license plate, or any other reason you can be cited for texting while driving.

If you are cited for texting while driving you can have the following points added to your license which can ultimately increase your insurance premium:

•Texting While Driving – 3 points
•2 points are added to primary offense (e.g.speeding) if texting occurred in a school zone
•6 points are added if the texting offense resulted in a crash

If you are distracted while driving you may not be able to react to another driver’s poor judgment or erratic behavior. The Holiday season can also bring drunk driving, out of town guests on the roadways, distracted and tired shoppers so staying attentive while driving is even more critical. Keep your phone silenced or put away to prevent you from checking your texts while driving. Stay alert, attentive and do not become statistic in Florida.

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