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How You Can Protect Yourself

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of those who were lost in the Las Vegas Shooting. Unfortunately, these events are becoming more and more common.

Do you know how to survive a mass shooting?

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips to help you survive:
•Have a plan. Scope out all of the exits beforehand not just the main exit
•Prepare mentally and visualize how you would respond in an emergency
•Act fast. Run towards the exits as fast as you can
•If you can’t escape the situation, then hide. Try and hide in a place that allows you to escape such as a room with windows, an area with side doors, a patio, or a deck
•When hiding, barricade yourself in the room. Turn off the lights, turn off all electronic devices (after calling 911), motivate others to assist by having them find items that can be used as weapons, block the door and make it as difficult to open as possible, be quiet
•If a shooter finds you, then be prepared to fight
•Always run towards law enforcement but make sure that you are running with your hands in the air so you aren’t mistaken as the shooter
•Designate a meet-up point where you can meet up with your group in case you get separated
Remember to run, hide, and fight. The best thing you can do is react immediately and run from the danger. The shooting that took place in Las Vegas is different from other shootings because the shooter was up high and far from the crowd. There was no way that anyone in the crowd could neutralize the shooter. The experts recommend that if you are in an open-air venue like this concert then the best thing to do is to run.

Robert Tirollo, a former officer who works with the ALICE Training Institute, trains law enforcement as well as civilians on how to get away from an active shooter. Tirollo states, “Just by moving, the NRA says that you have a 90% chance of surviving gunfire since a moving target is harder to hit.” Tirollo also advises a person to run and not to lie down or sit still.

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