Don’t let your anger get the best of you!


Child endangerment and child neglect has been recently making headlines in the Orlando, Florida news. We are saddened by the number of cases and encourage parents to see help. Raising children can be one of the hardest jobs in the world and even more so if you are doing it alone! You are responsible for […]

Home Alone?


Home Alone? The start of school can be a stressful time for your family. Juggling work, school drop off and pick up, homework, etc. can make it difficult for two income households or single parent households. Depending on your family’s situation you may not be able to afford after school care and your children become […]

See Something, Definitely Say Something


If you see something, definitely say something! School is back in session in Central Florida and local school districts have heightened their safety awareness. It is important that adults equip children with methods to avoid and stop bullying and ensure they are comfortable sharing their concerns with an adult. Students are in school more than […]

School Zones


School is Back in Session Soon, Drivers Beware of School Zones! Students in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake and Volusia counties will be heading back to school soon. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants to remind drivers to pay attention while driving near school zones. In the next few weeks, get prepared for the new school year […]

Would You Make A Good Eyewitness?


How accurate is eyewitness testimony? Would you make a good eyewitness? According to Good Morning America, “roughly 1/3 of the cases where a person was wrongfully convicted of a crime and later cleared of all charges is due to what experts call mistaken eyewitness identifications. That is when a witness gets it wrong about who […]

Jail on Halloween?


Trick or treat, it’s Halloween! Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate with parties and dressing up. However, some people take Halloween tricks to far. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants to make sure that you stay safe and out of jail this Halloween. Here are a few Halloween safety tips: •Don’t drink and drive! Have […]