Do you know if there is a warrant out for your arrest?

According to Business an arrest warrant is, “a court order, issued on a probable cause, authorizing a law enforcement officer to arrest an individual and present him or her before the court. Also called warrant for arrest”.

33rd Street Bail Bonds, an Orlando Bail Bonds Company, often receives inquiries from people who want to know if there is a warrant out for their arrest. Each county and state has different procedures on determining if there is an arrest warrant issued. Here are general tips on searching for arrest warrants along with tips specifically geared for Orange County, Florida:
•The internet is a quick way to find out if there is an arrest warrant in your name. To do this, go to the website of the county, city, state, or federal website where you think you might have a warrant for arrest. To search for a warrant in Orange County, Florida, please visit: and look under active warrants
•You can check in person to see if there is a warrant for your arrest. You can get a criminal background check at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department through the records division
•You can also do a check via the mail for a small fee. The address for Orange County, Florida is: Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Records Division, 2500 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32804.
•A phone call might also yield information on whether or not there is an arrest warrant issued in your name. You can do this by calling the court directly. Call the court and provide basic information such as name, case number (if you know it), birth date, and social security number. Do not identify yourself but instead just ask if there is an arrest warrant for (insert name here).
•You can use an online third party service that may charge you to find out if you have an outstanding arrest warrant.
•You can also ask any police officer to run your name through the system to see if you have an arrest warrant out. However, if you do have an arrest warrant out, then the officer will arrest you

Access to arrest warrant information varies from county to county and state to state. While researching for an arrest warrant, please be aware that a court clerk might not have access to arrest warrants that were issued from a different city, county, or state.

Obtaining information about cases also varies. While arrest warrant information should be able to be obtained, please be aware that a court clerk might be limited on giving specific details about cases. Most criminal cases are public record and information can be more easily obtained from these cases. However, sensitive cases that are civil cases involving family, juvenile delinquents, or domestic violence cases where a restraining or protective order is in place, might be difficult finding out specific information.

If you do discover that you have an arrest warrant issued in your name, then do not ignore the warrant. Options include: consulting with an attorney or turning yourself in to the court or police station. If you do end up in jail, then please call our Orlando Bail Bonds office, 33rd Street Bail Bonds, at 407-425-7200 or 407-425-3303 to start the bail bond process.

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