So reading the news today, I saw that apparently another drone has not done what it was expected to do, and crashed in a parking lot just over the Mexican border. This drone was carrying a particular payload as well, six pounds of meth.
Drug-laden drone crashes near US-Mexico border
This really got me thinking about crime and punishment of course, and the problem of drug traffic enforcement. It seems with each new innovation of technology there are always those who would use it for crimes. Do we stop innovation because of this? No, we must create new ways to police the highways of high tech crime. We have all seen the horrible effects of meth on people and communities, we do want to see it eliminated for the good of our citizens. How far must we go to prevent drug trafficking? One thing I think that can be seen from this is the human aspect of this method of traffic does eliminate dangerous drug mule trips for poor people who are forced to transport drugs in their bodies. Though that method is easier to police perhaps, the drone is small and quiet, and hard to spot on radar. It seems the law must make adjustments yet again to stop crime in an ever increasing world of technology.

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