Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence

Orlando unfortunately has seen it’s fair share of workplace violence recently. With this latest shooting at an Orlando business where a former employee of the company entered the business and shot and killed five employees. In this case, the gunman had been fired from the business earlier in the year.

According to the most recent records by the Bureau of Labor and Statistic, “workplace homicides rose by 2 percent to 417 cases in 2015, with shootings increasing by 15 percent.”

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are four categories of workplace violence:

•An employee involved with a criminal outsider (such as a robbery)
•An employee involved with a client (such as a customer, patient)
•An employee involved with a co-worker
•An employee involved with a spouse or significant other

Any of these types of violence can affect a person at a job site. The most publicized workplace violence cases are those involving co-workers.

How can you recognize the warning signs of workplace violence?

Here are a few red flags:
•A negative change in a person’s behavior. This change could be caused by a medical issue, a personal problem, or an incident with a fellow employee
•A person who has difficulty getting along with other
•A person who never takes responsibility for his or her actions
•A person who makes veiled threats such as “what comes around, he’ll get what’s coming to him, etc.”
•A person who is fascinated with weapons
•A person who is using drugs or alcohol
•A person who has recently been laid off or terminated

If the worst happens and an active shooter is at your workplace, do you know what to do?

33rd Street Bail Bonds offers these tips:
•Run. Evacuate the area and if possible, bring people with you. Know where the escape routes are and go to one that is not near the shooter. Leave your belongings. Call 911 when you are safe.

•Hide. If you can’t evacuate then find a hiding place. Look for a place that is out of view of the shooter. Find a place that doesn’t trap you so if the opportunity to run presents itself then you can run. If you can, go to a room with a lock and lock the door. Barricade the door with heavy furniture. Silence cell phones and remain quiet. Hide behind large items. Turn off the lights.

•Fight. This is a last resort. Only do this if your life is in danger. Be as aggressive as possible. Throw things, use items as weapons such as umbrellas, scissors, staplers, yell, work with others to create confusion, commit to the attack

Workplace violence has a rippling effect not only through the organization itself but through families that have had a loved one injured or life lost. The months of medical treatment and mental health counseling for victims is extremely costly and time consuming.

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