See Something, Definitely Say Something


If you see something, definitely say something! School is back in session in Central Florida and local school districts have heightened their safety awareness. It is important that adults equip children with methods to avoid and stop bullying and ensure they are comfortable sharing their concerns with an adult. Students are in school more than […]

Firearms And The Airport


Don’t Let The TSA Take Your Firearm! If you are heading to the airport for a business trip or vacation, be aware that any firearms you are carrying need to be unloaded, packed in a hard-sided container, declared to the airline at check-in, and placed in checked luggage. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to […]

Colorado Movie Theater Crime Aftermath


Background Checks and Concealed Weapons Did you know that background checks for concealed weapon permits increased 14% in the state of Florida after the Colorado Movie Theater crime? Florida is the first state to surpass 1 million concealed weapon permits! Each month we add 15,000 people to that list of those who have their concealed […]