Happy Holidays! A Word from Joe


A WORD from Joe…. Happy holidays to everyone. I hope you all have a great Christmas and most importantly– be safe. This time of year brings out the best and sometimes the worst in people. There is just so much going on during the holidays and you have to remain diligent and be aware of […]

Tips for Intervening Between a Drunk Friend and their Steering Wheel


Avoid Drunk Driving The holidays are approaching, football tailgating parties are in full swing– lots of booze being consumed all the time. If you know someone who may drive drunk, you know the importance of intervening before that person gets behind the wheel. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to intervene. Here are some helpful […]

Is There A Loop Hole in the Criminal Justice System?


Traffic Misdemeanors Did you know that if you get arrested in Orange County, Florida on a misdemeanor or traffic charge and you fail to appear in court you will get a warrant issued for your arrest? This however is only if you get arrested back in Orange County. This does not apply should you get […]

Common Sense Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion


Common Sense Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion As we approach fall and the holiday season, the statistics show that home invasions and break-ins become more prevalent. There are many smart things that you can do or know to help prevent a worst case scenario or even deter anyone from considering your home. There’s a […]

Colorado Movie Theater Crime Aftermath


Background Checks and Concealed Weapons Did you know that background checks for concealed weapon permits increased 14% in the state of Florida after the Colorado Movie Theater crime? Florida is the first state to surpass 1 million concealed weapon permits! Each month we add 15,000 people to that list of those who have their concealed […]

Search Warrants 101


Florida Warrant Laws; Getting Familiar With the Various Kinds The use of warrants is a vital part of the criminal justice process, and in Florida can only be issued by a judge or magistrate. Stemming both from constitutional requirements and state statutes, Florida’s warrant laws impose strict restrictions and requirements whenever these legal documents are […]

Pros and Cons to cameras in the courtroom

Pros and Cons to cameras in the courtroom

Social media, as most people know, is growing in popularity and the communication barrier getting smaller everyday. We receive and exchange information differently now than we did even several years ago. Even 5 years ago, the growth of social media, web technology, and its access to the masses was still in its infancy. It’s hard […]