Battling Crime In Pine Hills Florida


Crime In Pine Hills, Florida The Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are teaming up to help fight a rise in violent crime in Pine Hills. The two departments are working together on “Operation RISE” which stands for restoration, inclusiveness, safety, and empowerment. Law enforcement presence has been increased in Pine Hills […]

Technology and Solving Crime


Technology For Solving Crime While you may be aware of using DNA and fingerprinting to solve criminal investigations, you may not be aware of new and unusual technologies that are helping to solve crimes now. In the past, police and forensic scientists have relied on the old standbys such as fingerprints, car skid marks, and […]

Child Abuse Prevention In April


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month According to the Florida Statutes, child abuse is defined as “a child whose physical or mental health or welfare is harmed, or threatened with harm, by the acts or omissions of the parent.” This includes physical and mental injuries from excessive corporal punishments, sexual battery, abandonment, disfigurement, death, and […]

Medical Marijuana


Medical Marijuana Dispensary Coming To A Corner Near You! Recently, an amendment passed in Florida that legalized the use of marijuana for debilitating medical conditions. A medical marijuana dispensary will soon be opening on Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida. 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to be aware that this amendment does not make recreational […]

Considering a Protest?


To Protest or Not Considering attending a protest? Think Twice! A new administration in Washington, D.C. brings new legislation followed by both happy campers and the not-so happy campers! Many people have divided views on what should and shouldn’t be a law. They are taking their beliefs to the street and organizing and attending protests. […]

Super Bowl 2017


Planning a Super Bowl party this Sunday? Did you know that drunk driving spikes on Super Bowl Sunday? 33rd Street Bail Bonds wants you to stay safe this Super Bowl Sunday. Attending a Super Bowl party this weekend? Here are a few tips: •Have a designated driver. Do not drive drunk or impaired! •Pace yourself […]

Return Fraud


Holiday Returns The holidays are over and now it is the season of many happy “returns”. Most people legitimately return items that don’t fit, they don’t like, or have duplicates of. However, criminals use the holiday season time to take advantage of lax store return policies and defraud the store. This is called return fraud. […]