Spring Break and Jail Time


Spring Break, Don’t Spend It Behind Bars! Keep it fun by staying out of jail! Spring Break can get out of hand if people don’t stay responsible. Parties, evening gatherings, groups on the beaches, at a theme park and even in a restaurant can quickly turn into something that lands people in jail. College students […]

Put Your Cell Phone Down


Putting your phone down could save your life! Distracted driving can be fatal and is increasing each year as a primary reason for fatal vehicle crashes. Do you live or travel through Orange County, Florida? Keep your eye out for distracted drivers. According to research by Value Penguin’s research analyst Bailey Peterson, Orange County reported […]

Be careful in the dark! Crime can increase!


Florida still recognizes daylight savings time, this weekend we turn back our clocks which means shorter days and longer darkness. With the increased hours of darkness crime can flourish, offering up more opportunity for people to be taken away in handcuffs. Increased Crime when Daylight Savings ends! The Journal of Experimental Criminology tested the effect […]

Sexual Assault, Rape, Domestic Violence


Are there differences between domestic violence, sexual assault, rape? Yes there are differences between each of these. It is important to know the difference between sexual assault, domestic violence and rape, know what to do if you are a victim, and know that you should always report any abuses. As defined by the U.S. Department […]